Robert Pattinson Says He Doesn't Want to Be the Worst Batman

The Batman star Robert Pattinson has a simple hope and goal for his run as the character – he doesn't want to end up being the worst Batman ever. Pattinson is currently doing the press tour for The Batman's release in theaters next month – including a stop to see Jimmy Kimmel. It was Kimmel who breached what has to be the most uncomfortable thought in the mind of any Batman actor: 'What if people hate me?

When asked by Jimmy Kimmel is there is any bigger disaster imaginable than being a "Bad Batman," Robert Pattinson had this to say: 

"I know, that's what everyone keeps telling me. They're like 'You know if it all fails, you'll still have been part of something really special.' And I'm like 'Well I don't want to be like the worst one...' Like that's what I get remembered for!" 

Pattinson elaborates on his current state of nervousness surrounding The Batman by sharing anecdotes about how he's just now getting to see the film in its entirety, and how he needs plenty of caffeine and serotonin before going in to watch himself in the Batsuit. 

(Photo: DC Films / Warner Bros.)

It is no doubt a uniquely singular form of anxiety being a Batman actor in the weeks before your movie drops in theaters. Robert Pattinson has been through the gauntlet of having his casting as Batman doubted at the start (largely due to his previous role in the Twilight franchise). The release of Pattinson's early screen test for The Batman director Matt Reeves was largely done to give fans incentive to give the actor a chance; the subsequent trailers and TV spots for The Batman have done the job of at least selling the possibility of Pattinson being an awesome Batman to the general public. 

Now it really comes down to how The Batman does in the first wave of major critics reviews – and what those reviews have to say about Pattinson's take on Batman, specifically. It won't be the determining factor of how well The Batman does at the box office, but it will determine whether or not Pattinson goes into opening weekend with the momentum of good reviews at his back – or uphill battle of bad reviews standing in his way. 

The Batman stars Robert Pattinson as Batman, Zoe Kravitz, as Selina Kyle/Catwoman, Paul Dano as Riddler, Colin Farrell as Penguin, and Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth. It will be in theaters on March 4th.