Ron's Gone Wrong: Zach Galifianakis, Jack Dylan Grazer Debate Best Animated Movies

Ron's Gone Wrong hit theaters this weekend and if its review scores are any indication (81% on RottenTomatoes!), it's a film that audiences are thoroughly enjoying. How it stands the test of time in the pantheon of animated films will be seen further down the line and the stars of the film, Zach Galifianakis and Jack Dylan Grazer, are already ready to debate some of the best animated movies (though, they had to put their new release aside for the sake of this conversation). When asked by to reveal their Mount Rushmore of animated movies, Galifianakas and Grazer had significantly different lists of films to fill out their top four.

"Triplets of Belleville is an animated movie," Galifianakas said. "I don't know if people know it. WALL-E I love. The Simpsons Movie, I loved, and then I have to go back to those kind of old, classic, Christmas stop motion. I love those too. But Triplets of Belleville is one of my favorite... It's kind of artsy, but there's no dialogue. But the animation is so great." So, he gave us three out of four with room for a Christmas stop motion film to round it out, perhaps Nightmare Before Christmas?

Grazer echoed his cok-star's sentiments about Wall-E and wanted a fun, further examination of the answer. "Wait, Zach, which one of those movies is Theodore Roosevelt on the mountain of Rushmore to you?" Grazer asked.Zach:

"Oh, WALL-E," Galifianakas affirms.

"Yeah, I'd say so too," Grazer said. "So WALL-E's definitely one of mine. Also a movie called Ponyo, I love, the Japanese movie. And how many of are there? There's four? There's four on the [Mount Rushmore]... So WALL-E, Ponyo, Spirited Away, and Finding Nemo."

No love for The Lion King? "Oh, man! I forgot about that one movie," Grazer said with a laugh.

As for Ron's Gone Wrong, the film was not only inspired by real life social media experiences but also some iconic movies which have come before it, both animated and live-action. "E.T. was definitely an influence," Ron's Gone Wrong writer Sarah Smith said of the new film. "I think there are certain big stories that types of stories that really appeal to kids. The idea that you're magic, the idea that you are somehow special, the idea of having a special pet, How to Train Your Dragon is that. And in a way, Ron's Gone Wrong is that. E.T. is that as well. It's one of those powerful fantasies that kids have. And so there is an echo of E.T. and the sense of them kind of escaping into this big sort of wild setting where they have fun together. It definitely important. And I watched E.T. right near the end of the movie, and I counted the number of seconds. There was like a shot on Elliot's face as he's saying goodbye, and I was like, 'We need to go back into our movie and make longer shots of Barney.'"

Did you see Ron's Gone Wrong this weekend? What are your four favorite animated movies of all time? Share them in the comment section or send them my way on Instagram! Ron's Gone Wrong is now playing exclusively in theaters.