Real Steel Director Hopes To Put Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman Together For Sequel

The director of Real Steel is aiming to reunite Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in the sequel. [...]

The director of Real Steel is aiming to reunite Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in the sequel.'s Brandon Davis had the chance to speak with Shawn Levy about Free Guy this week. That film stars Reynolds, and it is no secret that he and Jackman are notorious friends. Uniting the duo in a sequel to the movie would make the hype for an audience favorite push into an entirely different weight class. However, the filmmaker has been talking a lot about Real Steel lately, and the fans are hungry. The 2011 feature had a bit of a resurgence on Netflix last year during the quarantine period. During the summer, Real Steel climbed the Top 10, which had the director and his star scratching their heads. Still, never say never when it comes to Hollywood. We've seen that an old property never goes to waste time and time again.

"Well, I'll say this, Hugh and I definitely are feeling, we've never stopped feeling the love for Real Steel, and it's almost like the volume has been increasing. Hugh and I were together literally last week talking about that," Levy revealed. "So I would never say never on that, a sequel for Real Steal. Additionally, I'm friends with Hugh. I'm friends with Ryan. I will get them together. Whether it's in Real Steel or another movie, I will direct those two amazing guys and dear friends in a movie together."

In some earlier comments to Inverse this week, the Real Steel fires burned pretty brightly. There's reason to believe some entity would come in and find a way to kick start a franchise with that kind of interest in the movie.

"It has been in my mind and in conversation a lot lately," Levy began. "Maybe because of the fact that when Netflix started streaming it during the lockdown, it became one of their top trending and most-viewed titles. Which led to Hugh and I talking again about, 'What is this love for Real Steel?' Kind of this realization that, 'Well wait, we love it that much too.' We've always loved it that much too. It's one of those never say nevers, it feels like the clock has run out on that window of opportunity. It feels like that fan-love and that audience hasn't gone away. So, who knows?"

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