Ryan Reynolds Thinks About The Rock With Bangs In Red Notice Behind-The-Scenes Photo

The landmark Netflix original film Red Notice, which sparked a bidding war before landing at the [...]

The landmark Netflix original film Red Notice, which sparked a bidding war before landing at the streaming service, is back in front of cameras after an extended break due to the coronavirus pandemic. Netflix has a stacked cast for the film which will no doubt make it a blockbuster hit when it arrives, featuring a host of superhero actors at the forefront with Dwayne Johnson (Black Adam), Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), and Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) all starring. With production underway, Reynolds took to Instagram to show off what the set looks like in the age of COVID-19 while also bringing his trademark sass aimed at his co-star.

"When directors are talking, I make heavy eye contact," Reynolds wrote, captioning the image of he and director Rawson Marshall Thurber. "So they're 100 percent sure I'm listening, even if my mind wanders. For instance, in this photo, I'm thinking about what @therock would look like with bangs. Nobody knows that but me. And you." Now we're wondering what he would look like, thanks Ryan.

The film's title refers to a notice issued by Interpol that lists persons who are wanted for extradition. Johnson has previously described the film as "in the world of international crime, an Interpol issued red notice is a global alert to hunt down and capture the world's most wanted. The world's greatest art thief. The world's greatest tracker. The world's greatest conman." You can make your guesses about which of the previously mentioned stars is playing these three archetypes.

As you may have heard, Johnson confirmed a few weeks ago that he and his entire family tested positive for the coronavirus. Though he's seemingly recovered from it, the production remains committed to keeping everyone involved in the shoot safe and healthy.

"The entire approach is different and unique, but everything from testing every day to temperatures being checked," producer Hiram Garcia previously told Variety. "We have a pod system, we have zones — yellow, red, green, depending on who can go where — we only have limited people on sets. There are giant manuals with hundreds and hundreds of pages of these new protocols, and we've worked really closely with Netflix and amazing epidemiologists and doctors to come up with this plan that feels super sound. We're all very confident in it."

Production on the film resumed on September 14th, with only about half of the film completed before the shut down. Garcia said that Netflix has been "100% behind" whatever it takes to keep the cast and crew safe while filming the rest of the project, and that adjustments have been made so that they can complete the film on sound stages. It's expected as of now that production could wrap in November.

A release date for Red Notice has not been confirmed by Netflix.