Snow White Star Rachel Zegler Addresses Becoming the First Disney Princess for Remake

Snow White star Rachel Zegler addressed how she became the first Disney Princess in the live-action remake. D23 Expo brought some more news about the wave of Disney live-action remakes. The Little Mermaid got a teaser trailer, but Snow White's cast appeared on-stage to talk about the film.'s Brandon Davis spoke to Zegler about her experience with the movie. It's a lot of pressure being Disney's first princess, but the actress is ready for that challenge. There's something surreal about putting on the iconic dress and being tasked with something that means so much to so many fans across the world. Zegler openly admitted that she was one of those starstruck little girls in her youth. She's hoping to deliver a version fo the Disney Princess that younger audiences will really love and cherish themselves like their parents or grandparents did.

"Well, I have to work really hard to get out of the little girl in me because I was freaking out.. I was squealing, and crying. Sandy Powell was looking at me like, 'What is going on with you?' It's incredible, being to be an iconic princess. To be the first Disney Princess, it's the biggest responsibility and so much pressure. It's amazing."

"It's an iconic cartoon, it's 85 years old, and Marc Webb, our director, is so dedicated to making a hero princess for his daughter," Zegler previously told the Associated Press. "I really love that sentiment and I hope it get echoed for all eternity when we make live-action versions of these Disney cartoons, where women are seen as a little bit less than the male characters. I think it's possible to be both a princess and a hero, and I like to be both."

In a previous interview with Variety's Actors on Actors series, the actress talked to Andrew Garfield about being cast in this project. The reaction to her selection wasn't exactly nice online, but she's staying positive.

"Never in a million years did I imagine that this would be a possibility for me," Zegler said. "You don't normally see Snow Whites that are of Latin descent. Even though Snow White is really a big deal in Spanish-speaking countries. Blanca Nieves is a huge icon whether you're talking about the Disney cartoon or just different iterations and the Grimm fairy tale and all the stories that come with it. But you don't particularly see people who look like me or are me playing roles like that." 

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