Tobey Maguire Spotted Arriving for Costume Fitting as Spider-Man 3 Films

In light of recent casting for Spider-Man 3, it seems the whole comic fandom has got its eyes on [...]

In light of recent casting for Spider-Man 3, it seems the whole comic fandom has got its eyes on Tobey Maguire. The actor is known best for having played Peter Parker in Sam Raimi's trilogy back in the day, and many have wondered if he would ever revisit the character. Recent rumors suggested Maguire will suit back up as Spider-Man with Andrew Garfield for Spider-Man 3, and a paparazzi shot is leading some credence to the rumor.

Earlier today, Just Jared acquired photos of Maguire out in North Hollywood, California. It was there the actor was spotted in the parking lot of Wardrobe Workroom. The report says Maguire was arriving for a costume fitting.

Of course, this photo has the fandom buzzing as a costume fitting could mean he is working on a fit for a new Spider-Man costume. This schedule would align with Spider-Man 3 as it is currently shooting, but it is doing so in Atlanta, Georgia. North Hollywood is far from that sound stage, but Maguire might not be needed on-set until a later date. Also, if the actor is only doing a brief stint in Spider-Man 3, Maguire might not need to be on set for too long.

Still, fans should take the shot with a grain salt. Maguire is attached to a film with a 2021 release called Babylon. It is possible the actor was heading for a costume fitting concerning that project, but for now, the true purpose behind his visit is unclear.

Now, fans are hoping to get more information about Maguire's rumored part in Spider-Man 3 shortly. The actor is one of several from the hero's past who is said to be joining the Marvel-Sony sequel. A new report today went live suggesting that Charlie Cox will reprise his role as Daredevil in the film while other stars like Alfred Molina and Jamie Foxx have confirmed their Spider-Man 3 roles.

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