Spider-Man 3 Star Tom Holland Arrives on Set After Finishing Uncharted

Spidey has landed in Atlanta. Sunday evening, Spider-Man star Tom Holland shared a video to his [...]

Spidey has landed in Atlanta. Sunday evening, Spider-Man star Tom Holland shared a video to his Instagram Story of himself deplaning in Atlanta as he found his way to the set of Spider-Man 3. The film itself officially began production earlier this week with second unit photography and now that Holland has arrived, it's but a matter of time before principal photography gets underway as well. Holland's co-star Jacob Batalon was captured separately earlier in the day at the airport, also arriving for principal photography.

"We just landed in Atlanta," Holland said in the video. "And uh...it's time for Spider-Man 3. Let's go!"

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Y’all! #spiderman 3 is a go!!!! Via @tomholland2013

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In addition to Holland and Batalon, Spider-Man 3 will also feature Jamie Foxx as Electro — a role the actor previously played in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 — and Benedict Cumberbatch's Doctor Strange. When we spoke with Batalon earlier this month, the actor expressed excitement at working alongside the likes of Fox and Cumberbatch.

"I'm a huge fan of Jamie Foxx. Like, literally, I grew up watching his things so being able to work with all these influential people in these movies has been like a godsend," Batalon recently told ComicBook.com. "I truly can't believe ... it's really because of Spider-Man that I get to meet all my heroes. Just having Jamie Foxx, he's so prolific, he's this very diverse ... he can just do everything. It's so awesome to really just know that he's in our project. That's so awesome."

Holland had previously been filming Uncharted, another project for Sony. In a Patreon video on his father's account last week celebrating the end of production of Uncharted, Holland revealed production will likely last until March.

"It's nice that we got to play actually because once we go to Spain and Atlanta, I won't get to see you," Dominic Holland says in the Patreon video.

Tom then adds, "No, that's why Nicky [Nicola Frost] said 'Listen Dom, hop on a plane because you won't see Tom until March.' Hopefully, you can come back at Christmas."

Spider-Man 3 is set for release on December 17, 2021.

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