Spider-Man 3: Willem Dafoe Reportedly on Set, Reprising Green Goblin Role

New reports indicate that another major Marvel villain is joining the packed cast for Spider-Man [...]

New reports indicate that another major Marvel villain is joining the packed cast for Spider-Man 3, with original Spider-Man villain Willem Dafoe reportedly reprising his role as Norman Osborn AKA the Green Goblin for the Marvel Studios movie. A new report from GWW indicates that Dafoe is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While it's not immediately clear who Dafoe is playing in the project, given the fact that Spider-Man movies (and, more recently, WandaVision) have brought back franchise actors in their older roles, it's likely that the actor will once again play the Green Goblin.

Dafoe will be joining Alfred Molina and Jamie Foxx, who are reprising their villainous roles as Doctor Octopus respectively. Whether these villains will team up, or if a few of them are just being featured in cameo roles, remains to be seen.

At this point, Foxx is currently speculated to be playing the main villain with Doctor Strange actor Benedict Cumberbatch featuring in a major supporting role. How much Molina and Dafoe will be involved remains to be seen. But these aren't the only characters making surprising appearances, as ComicBook.com also learned that Charlie Cox is also reprising his role as Matt Murdock from the popular Daredevil series on Netflix.

This is just another example of Marvel Studios picking from previous iterations of the movie franchises before they came under Disney's control; in the latest episode of WandaVision, Pietro Maximoff AKA Quicksilver shows up played by Evan Peters, reappearing for the first time since X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

ComicBook.com spoke with Marvel boss Kevin Feige ahead of the WandaVision premiere, and the producer downplayed some of the returns that were rumored for Spider-Man 3.

"I've read some things. I'm not sure I've read all things," Feige said. "The fun thing about online speculation when it comes to our stuff is how sometimes it couldn't be more off the mark and sometimes it's shockingly close, and that's held true for the last few years. But saying which is which would take all the fun out of everything."

However, Feige did confirm that multiversal shenanigans will play a major role in the future of Marvel Studios.

"The biggest clue is the title of the second Doctor Strange movie. That's the biggest clue of where the Multiverse of Madness is taking us and how we're exploring that," Feige said. "It's surreal to me that we're talking about a Spider-Man 3. I worked on a movie called Spider-Man 3 many years ago directed by Mr. Sam Raimi. So this clearly, the shorthand of calling it Spider-Man 3 now, it's fine. We call it Homecoming 3."

Spider-Man 3 is currently scheduled to premiere in theaters on December 17th.