'Terminator: Dark Fate' First Footage Revealed

Launching in 1984, the Terminator franchise quickly became a major hit with audiences, thanks to its blend of action, sci-fi, and horror. The series has largely been carried by Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has starred in each entry, though his appearance in Terminator: Salvation was actually created through the use of CGI. Arguably the last major success in the series was Terminator 2: Judgment Day, released in 1991, with subsequent installments failing to connect with audiences or critics as strongly as the initial two films. Schwarzenegger and star of the first two films Linda Hamilton are returning for the upcoming Terminator: Dark Fate, whose first footage debuted at Paramount Pictures' presentation at CinemaCon.

"Mexico City. A highway suddenly starts to freeze. Electric volts start to emerge. People start to notice. An orb forms in the middle of a bridge, putting a hole in it," ComicBook.com's Brandon Davis reports of the footage. "Cars crash. A couple that was making out on the hood of a car beneath the bridge sees a woman fall from the bridge, completely naked. They head over to her and discover she is alive. It's Mackenzie Davis' enhanced character. Police pull up. They question the couple and arrest one. The entire scene is in Spanish with subtitles. When they try to take the woman, she switches into combat mode and eliminates the officers swiftly and soundly. She doesn't kill them, though. The couple thanks her for freeing them. She slowly walks to them, plants her foot right next to his, and says, 'Don't thank me yet.' Cut ahead a moment and she is driving away wearing his clothes, leaving him out there without any."

Davis continues, "Later, somewhere else, Gabriel Luna's Terminator forms near a car crash. Davis' character is protecting Dani Ramos and tells her, 'When they start to kill me run.' Suddenly, Linda Hamilton pulls up in a truck and hits one of the Terminators with her car before emerging and turning her attention to Luna's. She destroys him with a gun, sending him off the bridge, just before using a rocket launcher to blast the other machine. A montage of clips plays. It's violent, it's dark, it's tremendously computerized and appears to be establishing a fully immersive world. Back to the bridge, Hamilton drops a grenade and tells Davis, 'I'll be back.' Sarah Conner walks off, pulling out a shotgun as the explosion is carried out behind her."

The film was directed by Deadpool's Tim Miller, who worked with franchise creator James Cameron to bring the film to life.

"To say that working on this movie was a labor of love for me is an enormous fucking understatement," Miller shared with the crowd. "I think all of you can imagine what a responsibility it is to take over this franchise…I still remember when I came to L.A. Saw it at a theater in Westwood. Fucking blew me away. If I could go back in time, like time travel's a big thing in this movie, and tell that incredibly handsome young nerd that he would one day be continuing the story of these iconic characters, I would've passed out in my fucking popcorn."

He added, "This is a direct sequel to the movies that Jim directed. Even better still, it's an opportunity to bring back the original cast with an incredibly talented group of newcomers. [He paused to hold back tears] And, I think you'll see that passion up on the screen. We had such a good fucking time."

Fans can check out Terminator: Dark Fate when it lands in theaters on November 1st.

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