Terminator: Dark Fate SDCC 2019 Footage Description

The Terminator: Dark Fate panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 brought some big surprises for [...]

The Terminator: Dark Fate panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 brought some big surprises for longtime fans of the franchise - including the fact that T2 star Eddie Furlong will be back as John Connor! However, this being an Comic-Con 2019 panel, the makers of Dark Fate also had to bring some kind of footage to knock the socks off of the thousands of fans in Hall H - so that's just what they did.

Below you'll find a description of Terminator: Dark Fate footage shown during SDCC, courtesy of ComicBook.com's Brandon Davis, who has been camped out in Hall H to bring you the latest!

Here's what Brandon has to report:

"Mackenzie Davis's Terminator, Natalia Reye's Daniela, and Diego Boneta's characters are fleeing from a dump truck driven by Gabriel Luna's Terminator, in their own beaten down pick up. Luna morphs on top of the truck, duplicating himself through metal, and throws rebar right back a Davis' Terminator who deflects it with her arm from hitting Daniela. They fight on the end of a pickup truck as it moves at high speeds until a tire blows. Diego, driving, ends up crashing. The melted metal of Luna's Terminator comes together and he forms in the street. The girls run away as another Terminator ends up cutting them off on a bridge, tossing rebar at them to keep them in place. Luna's Terminator forms a sword for an arm as Davis' tells Daniela to run, when they start to kill her. Sarah Connor holds off the one Terminator and uses a heavy gun to stop Luna from reaching Daniela before a rocket launcher finishes the other. She walks by the girls, drops a grenade, and says, "I'll be back." The grenade explodes behind her as she pulls out a shotgun. Daniela asks, "Who the f--- is that?'"

In a later scene, Sarah explains who she is. She tells the story of saving three billion lives. Now, she hunts Terminators but is tired of explaining herself. Davis' Terminator wonders why she cares but Sarah says it's because she had a similar thing happen. Schwarzenegger emerges from a cabin and Sarah is quick to try to kill him. His name is "Carl." Sarah is never going to call him that. He helps train the girl to be a fighter with guns. Sarah promises to kill Carl when it's all over, to which he responds, "I understand." Action sequences in factories, in a truck falling underwater, Davis' Terminator in the future, and what seems to be a showdown including the phrase, "You metal motherf---er." A helicopter containing the characters takes off, Carl protects Sarah from incoming bullets in the back of a plane, and his machine gun is no match for Diego Luna's Terminator.

Ultimately, Reyes' Daniela offers up vibes of Sarah Connor, serving as important character who is going to be trained to be a warrior with the fate of the world possibly on her shoulders."

There's word that a new Terminator: Dark Fate trailer dropping during Comic-Con, so stay tuned. For now, this description of the footage may be the only way fans not at SDCC get the insight.

Terminator: Dark Fate will be in theaters on November 1st.