The Batman: Christian Bale's Key Advice Lets Robert Pattinson Pee in New Costume

DC FanDome has finally brought some light to Matt Reeves' vision for The Batman, the cinematic [...]

DC FanDome has finally brought some light to Matt Reeves' vision for The Batman, the cinematic reboot of the Caped Crusader starring Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne. And with this new iteration of the character comes a brand new costume for the big screen, one that will combine modern sensibilities, a sense of practical realism, and of course all of the iconic elements that go into the Dark Knight's appearance. Of course there are some more interesting additions to the costume, as Reeves revealed, including a suggestion from previous Batman actor Christian Bale.

While appearing on DC FanDome to hype up the first trailer, Reeves detailed the creation of the new suit for The Batman and revealed that Bale gave Pattinson some advice when it came to wearing it on set.

"One of the big things that Rob actually talked to Christian Bale, and [Bale said], 'just make sure you're going to be able to relieve yourself,' so that was actually part of what was important to build into it. Like okay, he needs to be able to put it on. He also needs to be able to live as a human being," Reeves explained.

So there you have it. History is being made now that Robert Pattinson is playing the first Batman who can comfortably pee in his costume. Actors everywhere need to make sure their agents include the Pattinson pee clause into their contracts whenever they sign on for a superhero movie.

Reeves went on to explain how his version of Batman will stand apart from different iterations of the character, promising a take that will explore how Bruce Wayne becomes the World's Greatest Detective.

"It's not an origin tale, and you're meeting him in the early days. And for me, what's really important about this iteration is that you know a lot of the other stories are about how he had to master his fear and master himself in order to become Batman. And that in that Batman state, he's sort of in his best self."

He added, "I hope what's different about what we're doing is try and do it in exactly that sort of manner and then of course the other things that are from the earlier history of the context of him being the world's greatest detective and how we got there. Those things have been touched on, but I don't know that they've been a central to the plot, as they are in this particular Batman. So there's a lot of things I hope that will be totally different."

The Batman is currently on track to premiere in theaters on October 1, 2021.