The Batman: Mountain Dew Reportedly Releasing Riddler Inspired Flavor

The Batman is reportedly getting its own Mountain Dew spinoff flavor called 'Riddler's Brew,' [...]

The Batman is reportedly getting its own Mountain Dew spinoff flavor called "Riddler's Brew," based on Paul Dano's Riddler. The flavor profile of Riddler's Brew has not yet been revealed, but as you can see in the tweet below, it looks to be dark blue or purplish in color. The drink was rumored before when The Batman was still looking at a summer or late 2021 release date; now it's coming up again thanks to Mountain Dew fan threads, and we're getting another look at it. Check out the tweet below and ask yourself if "Riddler's Brew" is a Mountain Dew drink you would try:

Mountain Dew has a history of doing tie-in partnerships with the Batman movies, having released "Dark Berry" alongside The Dark Knight Rises in 2012. However, it's especially funny to see this Riddler's Brew flavor being released, after seeing director Matt Reeves's dark vision of actor Paul Dano as Riddler, in The Batman trailer (watch that again, above).

In The Batman, Dano's Riddler galvanizes the story by committing a string of clue-based serial murders against key figures in Gotham. The Batman trailer showed that Riddler will do some pretty horrific things to his victims - be it mummifying the mayor's face with duct tape, or strapping a prosecutor with a bomb and sending him crashing into a funeral for the mayor. But hey, now Batman can take a long sip of Mountain Dew "Riddler's Brew" and think about what nefarious crimes they would commit!

In all seriousness though, it is going to be really (interesting? Fun?) to see how Warner Bros. markets The Batman as it comes down the final stretch into theaters. From what we've seen so far, this is by far the darkest Batman movie we've gotten, with a dark collection of vicious, murderous killers. How to turn that bleak vision into mass merchandising gold is going to be some true commercial alchemy.

That said, just about every iteration of the Batman movie franchise (save the Joel Schumacher era) has been deemed as a "darker" vision of the character than we've ever seen before. If anything, Warner Bros. and its merchandising partners have gotten adept at turning that "controversy" into sales - by doing things like, say, turning a serial killer character into a soft drink flavor.

The Batman is currently slated to hit theaters on March 4, 2022.