The New Mutants Clip Sees Magik Confronting the Demon Bear

The New Mutants might currently be facing a pandemic after having been delayed for years, but the X-Men spinoff really looks like it's finally landing in theaters later this month, as evidenced by an all-new clip from the new film being released, which you can see above. In the years since the film released its first teaser, it has undergone a number of delays and earned a number of different promotional items, but with its release less than two weeks away, fans have been given a barrage of new looks at the project, with viewers actually expecting to be able to see it when it hits select theaters on August 28th.

In this terrifying, action-fueled film based on the Marvel comic series, five young people who demonstrate special powers are brought to a secret institution to undergo treatments they are told will cure them of the dangers of their powers. Included are Danielle Moonstar aka Mirage (Blu Hunt), who creates illusions from other people’s fears; Rahne Sinclair (Maisie Williams), who transforms into the werewolf Wolfsbane; Sam Guthrie (Charlie Heaton), who, as Cannonball, can fly at jet speeds protected by a force field; Roberto da Costa aka Sunspot (Henry Zaga), who absorbs and channels solar power; and Illyana Rasputin aka Magik (Anya Taylor-Joy). The younger sister of Colossus, Magik becomes encased in armor at will and wields a soulsword that amplifies her multiple superhuman and psychic abilities.

While the film is technically a spinoff from the proper X-Men franchise and unfolds in the same cinematic world, this new project is set to be an experience like nothing else in that franchise.

"I think this is unlike any tone I've seen before on film in the sense that you've got a lot of things playing where, of course, we're superheroes, but [director] Josh [Boone] is treating us very much like people," Magik actress Anya Taylor-Joy shared during a set visit for the film.
 "At the core of the story, you have all of these kids that are growing up so we're battling different things. It very much has the feel of a coming-of-age story and then you have the darkness that comes with that, moments of levity and then, of course, we all have powers. It's very unique."

Despite this promotional deluge making its release seem like a certainty, theaters around the world are still largely shuttered due to the coronavirus pandemic. We might be just over a week away from the film's release, but some audiences still think The New Mutants could pivot to a streaming service for its release.


Stay tuned for details on The New Mutants before it hits theaters on August 28th.

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