The New Mutants: Maisie Williams and Blu Hunt on Moonstar And Wolfsbane's Relationship

The New Mutants is really and truly finally headed to theaters on August 28 after years of delays. The last of Fox's X-Men movies is going to be a horror film with a new cast of actors and characters, set inside of a mental institution where a lot may not turn out to be what it seems. One thing which the cast is truly looking forward to as the movie finally reaches fans is the world seeing the relationship between Maisie Williams' Wolfsbane and Blu Hunt's Dani Moonstar. The two actresses brought their characters and the relationship they have together to life and opened up about this process during a press conference on Tuesday morning.

"We met two or three months before we shot the film," Williams explained. At the time of auditions for The New Mutants, Williams was still deeply embedded in the Game of Thrones world as Arya Stark. "I'd done a couple of screen tests before but this was the first time I had to kiss a stranger in thee screen test," she said, before quickly adding, "Pre-COVID!" with a laugh.

The New Mutants director Josh Boone went all out to make surer the chemistry between the two would come through on screen. "I had them lay down on the floor together and look up at the ceiling the way they are in the movie." Boone added.

"I think I knew I got the part as soon as we kissed! It was real!" Hunt joked. Going into the auditions and screen tests, Huint unsurprisingly knew of Williams' work on Thrones. "I watched Maisie's show," she explained. "I was going to this audition across town. I couldn't believe I was there when it was happening. It was fun but our whole relationship between our characters,u sa as friends on set, it was amazing. It really got me through making the movie is that character relationship."

Despite the massive action and X-Men lore, Boone is personally most excited about these two together. "People ask me, 'What are you most excited for people to see?'" Boone adds. "Just seeing those two girls under that dome looking up is really cool to see in a movie. It's just as exciting as all of the action and the Marvel stuff."


Moonstar and Wolfsbane have long had a close relationship on the pages of Marvel Comics, particularly because Dani (who adopts the name Mirage) had a great psychic connection with Rahne Sinclair when she was living up to her Wolfsbane form and was not in human form.

The New Mutants hits theaters on August 28. Tickets are available now.