The Suicide Squad: Jai Courtney Reveals Water Tank Scene

When James Gunn's DC Comics debut film releases next year with The Suicide Squad, fans can expect [...]

When James Gunn's DC Comics debut film releases next year with The Suicide Squad, fans can expect an explosive action film with some returning faces and a lot more surprising new characters. One of the characters making a comeback, Jai Courtney as the eccentric Captain Boomerang, will feature in a particularly interesting scene featuring a water tank. While the actor was coy on the details, he did make it clear that it was one of the most sequences he got to film while making the upcoming DC Comics supervillain flick.

During an interview with Variety about the Netflix premiere of his Australian drama Stateless, Courtney unveiled some new details about The Suicide Squad.

"I won't say too much, but there's a particular sequence when I get very wet, and a few other people do, and hilarity ensued when it came to that," teased Courtney. "When you're spending hours upon hours in a water tank with a bunch of people treading water, and you've got Styrofoam stuffed into every crevice of your costume to try and take the load off and because it's 4 a.m., it gets quite ridiculous."

He also praised filmmaker James Gunn, who is making his first foray into the DC Comics universe after directing two Guardians of the Galaxy films.

"I think it's kind of got a different flavor. There's a whole bunch of new characters. James Gunn has an approach to things that is uniquely his; he pulls a lot of that into the Suicide Squad world. And I think that it fits really well, and audiences are going to have a lot of fun with it," Courtney explained.

The film is being described as a soft reboot of Suicide Squad, but many returning actors will be reprising their DC Comics roles including Courtney, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, and Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flagg. But Kinnaman himself promised that The Suicide Squad is unlike the previous entry and will contain a lot more comedy during a previous interview.

"He's an incredible guy," Kinnaman said about Gunn. "He's written a fantastic script. It's so funny… I feel like I'm shooting my first comedy. There are a lot of really funny people there. It's like a learning experience. I'm around a lot of incredible funny people."

The Suicide Squad is currently on track to premiere in theaters on August 6, 2021.