Tokyo Ghost Movie Finds Its Director

No Time to Die director Cary Fukunaga will direct the upcoming film adaptation of cyberpunk comic [...]

No Time to Die director Cary Fukunaga will direct the upcoming film adaptation of cyberpunk comic Tokyo Ghost for Legendary Pictures, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Created by writer Rick Remender and artist Sean Gordon Murphy, Tokyo Ghost's story occurs in 2089 as humanity has succumbed to its technological addictions as a means of escaping reality. Lead characters Debbie Decay, who has sworn off such vices, and Led Dent, her boyfriend turned total tech addict, work as peacekeepers and take on a mission to Tokyo, now a "garden nation" and the last tech-free zone on the planet. Debbie secretly plans to escape to Tokyo to get Led help breaking free of his addictions.

Remender will write the script for the film. He is also the co-creator of Deadly Class and was co-showrunner of its short-lived television adaptation on Syfy. He also co-created Fear Agent, which is development at Seth Rogen's Point Grey for Amazon.

Murphy is also the co-creator of Chrononauts with Mark Millar (Jupiter's Legacy). Universal optioned the rights to adapt that series.

Fukunaga is also producing Tokyo Ghost for his Parliament of Owls banner. Jon Silk is also a producer under the auspices of his recently launched Silk Mass banner.

Fukunaga's other films include Jane Eyre and Beasts of No Nation. He's now working on episodes of Apple TV+'s World War II drama Masters of the Air. spoke to Remender in 2016, ahead of the release of Tokyo Ghost's first collection. He told us about the series' genesis.

"We started to play with doing a dystopic, Road Warrior, Blade Runner future where we could play with that taken to its nth degree. The thing that got me most excited about that was the idea of humanity using these technological distractions in order to look away from what's actually happening that's important and fixate on meaningless, trivial entertainment and social media feeds and play more online. More people are interested in Kanye West in being a sociopathic asshole on the internet than they are interested in the arctic shell melting. It will irrevocably change the history of mankind forever, and so it was an examination of that and taking that to the nth degree.

"The world that they live in is one where they live in putrid squalor, and the oceans have risen up, and the air is contaminated, and everything is awful, but no one cares because they are dialed into 25 different feeds and constantly inundated with useless information to keep them distracted from the true world around them."

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