Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Finally Available to Stream

The latest Transformers movie is now streaming on Paramount+.

Nearly two months after its theatrical debut, the latest film in the Transformers franchise has finally made its way to streaming. Transformers: Rise of the Beasts brought the popular big screen saga to the 1990s, introducing the popular Maximals from Beast Wars to the franchise. Now, the adventure is available to stream on Paramount+ for those with a subscription to the popular streaming service. 

It was recently announced that Rise of the Beasts would be making its Paramount+ debut this week, and Tuesday morning brought the first sign of the film on the service. Rise of the Beasts joins Bumblebee, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and Transformers: Age of Extinction as the franchise's feature films available on Paramount+. The service also has the new animated series Transformers: EarthSpark.

Next Live-Action Transformers Movie

A direct sequel to Transformers: Rise of the Beasts hasn't been announced yet, but director Steven Caple Jr. already has ideas in place for the follow-up

"I have some ideas for how to branch out that part of the Hasbro franchise," the director told Deadline in an interview earlier this year. "I can do this crossover that I plan on doing, there's a way to feed the fans what we want in transformers films but also do something cool with another legendary IP that I've always been in love with since I was a kid. There's parts of it, and characters, that we've never used before."

Transformers/GI Joe Crossover on the Way?

The final scene of Rise of the Beasts reveals the existence of the GI Joe organization in the universe of the Transformers. In the very last scene of the movie, Noah Diaz thinks he's going to a job interview, only to be offered a position with GI Joe, setting up a joint story for the next Transformers film.

"We've talked about it since the beginning of the franchise because the fans have been like, 'Come on, when you are going to do Joe?!,' and the truth of the matter is there's so many great Transformers characters that we didn't feel like we needed to rush and do GI Joe," Transformers producer Lorenzo di Boneventura told last month. "But you also want an organic way otherwise it feels like a cynical exercise."

"What happened here was by creating a character, Anthony's character, that can't get a job," he added. "The world is not easy on him and at the end of this movie, he gets offered the greatest job ever. That's really how it happened, we finally found a way to organically bring it in."