WandaVision's Mysterious Book Connects to Doctor Strange Plot in New Fan Theory

It would seem that sooner or later, WandaVision could find itself on a direct collision course [...]

It would seem that sooner or later, WandaVision could find itself on a direct collision course with Doctor Strange and the characters therein. Though the Disney+ series has dabbled in magic now for six weeks, the latest episode dives headfirst into the darker side of mysticism. Though many questions were raised in "Breaking the Fourth Wall," nothing is arguably bigger than the identity of the mysterious book residing in Agatha's basement. No matter the case, some think it's a tome that could tie right to Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch).

Full WandaVision spoilers up ahead — if you've yet to catch up with Episode 7, proceed with caution!

We now know that Kathryn Hahn is, in fact, playing Agatha Harkness. We even got to see the character's basement in the latest episode, including all of the mystical trinkets she kept — a collection that includes an ancient book that looked like it was forced closed shut with magic. The series made sure to point out that it was something of importance, the lone relic in the basement that took center stage in its own frame.

Some instantly thought it could be the Darkhold — Marvel's ultimate magical MacGuffin. The book had previously been featured on Agents of SHIELD, and in the comics lore, it serves as the central plot device in plenty of magic-fueled Marvel stories.

As some fans have started to speculate on social media, the book — regardless of its real identity — could have come from the Ancient One's personal library. In fact, there's even a moment in Doctor Strange when the eponymous sorcerer is looking through the books when one of them seems to be missing from its rightful spot on its hanging shelf.

That hanging shelf, by the way, holds books up with chains. Those changes, in turn, are tacked onto hexagonal rods. Coincidence?

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