Wedding Crashers 2 Reportedly Falls Apart Due to Owen Wilson's Haunted Mansion Reboot

At one point, a sequel to Wedding Crashers was so certain for Warner Brothers, the studio reportedly planned to start filming the sequel by the end of September. Now, those plans have reportedly been called off indefinitely due to the prior obligations of one Owen Wilson. In a surprising new report from Hollywood insider Matthew Belloni, Warner Brothers' Toby Emmerich and Richard Brener were about to officially announced the sequel when Wilson opted to go with filming Disney's Haunted Mansion reboot instead.

With busy schedules for both Wilson and Crashers co-star Vince Vaughn, as Belloni says in his report, filming on Wedding Crashers 2 is now likely at least a full year out, and then some.

"The project isn't completely dead," Belloni writes in his new blog. "But after Mansion, Wilson will segue to season two of Disney+'s Loki, and Vaughn has committed to the Apple TV drama series Bad Monkey, from Ted Lasso producer Bill Lawrence. So it will likely be at least a year until anyone can revisit Wedding Crashers 2. Like I said, a bummer."

The insider added, "Some close to the project are wondering why Wilson gave up a big payday and the return to a signature franchise to replace Seth Rogen, another UTA client, in a supporting role opposite stars Tiffany Haddish and Lakeith Stanfield. Mansion is a future franchise opportunity, which may be preferable to revisiting one from his past (and one that might still be available in a year). The Disney relationship probably played a role, too; Marvel's Loki has brought Wilson, 52, back into the zeitgeist, helping him land the SNL season premiere."

Earlier this year, Wilson admitted he had heard of a potential August filming start date though even he shined doubt on the situation.

"There is a script and David Dobkin, who directed of course the first one, has been working on it and we've been talking about it and it's been nice talking to Vince," Wilson said. "It's one of those movies that seems to connect with people so if we can come up with something we think could be great then I'm sure we'll do it....Someone said August (filming start date) and I don't see that happening but I think it's before anything it was sort of making sure that everybody felt we had a great story."