Wonder Woman 1984's Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot Wanted to Inspire People "To Save Our World"

Wonder Woman 1984’s Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot wanted to inspire people “to save our world” [...]

Wonder Woman 1984's Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot wanted to inspire people "to save our world" with their film. A lot of digital ink has been spilled about the sequel, and a lot of it notes the hopeful tone of WW84. Deadline talked to the director and her star about their aims for the movie. A lot of fans wondered what Jenkins was angling for when tying the second film in the series to the 1980s. After seeing the film, it becomes clear that the filmmaker has no problem with tweaking some of the excesses of that decade. Pedro Pascal's Maxwell Lord is a living embodiment of that "more is better" ethos as a villain. So, Gadot and her director both think encouraging people to see beyond themselves was a great takeaway for the film. Jenkins in particular thought that a more "serious" take on a moral was necessary after the first Wonder Woman.

"We wanted to talk about something quite a bit more serious than we did with the first film, which is [about] the crisis facing our world," Jenkins explained, "How do you use a superhero to inspire and reach the people of tomorrow, the kids of tomorrow, and the younger people of the world to save our world? I mean, if we're not doing that with our superhero films, what are we doing? But because it was a more serious subject, I wanted it to be a more enjoyable—visually—ride. And so, I loved the idea of the '80s. It countered the seriousness of our message with something fun and delightful."

"I never really realized what an impact she had on people across the board, all around the world," Gadot added. "This is the biggest movie and the most ambitious movie I've ever got to work on. And once we had the script and the vision, we just made sure that everyone gave a thousand percent for eight months to make sure that we could give the best movie we can to these amazing, amazing fans."

In a conversation on WTF with Marc Maron, Jenkins talked about her mixed feelings surrounding the HBO Max release strategy.

"I have the weirdest mix of feelings. Because I never would have thought I could be okay with this, never. I'm a pure theatrical experience person," the director reflected. "However, as the year went on, and suddenly when this idea came up of doing it this way at Christmas, it felt so right. I was like, 'Now is the moment. I myself am craving seeing the film, I'm craving what that film has in it,' and I've seen it so many times I can't handle seeing it again. But I'm thirsty for positivity, and bigness, and escape, and all of those things."

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