Patty Jenkins on Wonder Woman 3 Plans

Wonder Woman 1984 will act as the long-awaited sequel to the DCEU's solo take on the heroine we [...]

Wonder Woman 1984 will act as the long-awaited sequel to the DCEU's solo take on the heroine we saw years ago. Director Patty Jenkins has been backing Diana each step of the way, so there are few people who know the character's journey like she does. And after this sequel is said and done, it turns out Jenkins believes there is another chapter of Wonder Woman that needs to be explored. was able to speak with Jenkins at the set visit for Wonder Woman 1984, and it was there the director discussed a third movie. Jenkins says she was going to exit the DCEU after Wonder Woman 1984, but there is one thing she wants to see Diana do that hasn't been done yet. When asked if she has a trilogy planned, Jenkins said, "Sadly, yes."

"I think where the second movie came from was me as a fan of her and as a fan of superhero films, craving what I haven't gotten. I wanted to see Wonder Woman out in the fu-king world, not finding herself," she continued.

wonder woman 3 plans

"So there's one more thing I'm craving, which is true to her theme, which is true to everything that she stands for. I'm like, 'Ooh, there's one more chapter of Wonder Woman that we don't quite get.' It doesn't quite make sense for this movie. It didn't for the last either."

Clearly, Jenkins has another big story in mind for Wonder Woman, and fans will be reassured by that fact. After all, the director has championed Diana since day one, and many credit Jenkins with her on-screen success. And while Jenkins doesn't know what era this third movie will be set, its plot has been seeded thoroughly at this point. The only thing stopping Jenkins from filming is an official go-ahead order from studio execs, so we can only hope she gets the greenlight once Wonder Woman 1984 is released. The ongoing pandemic has made much of Hollywood's release calendar tentative, but fans are certain Diana can weather the storm.

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