DC FanDome: New Trailers, Movies, and More Revealed

New DC Comics movie trailers and all new titles, big updates for the TV shows, and some important comic publisher discussions are just a bit of what we should expect from DC FanDome. In the video above, ComicBook.com offers up a preview (and maybe some insider info) about what’s coming to DC FanDome on this Saturday, August 22. This event is going to be filled with big news, first looks, and exciting fans like all of us who spend time on ComicBook.com. We expecting two new movie announcements and much more, so we’re about to run through some of the biggest reveals to expect during the 24-hour event which we will all be experiencing together.

The first movie on DC’s release schedule is Wonder Woman 1984, so let’s start there. Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins will be on hand, probably bringing a new trailer and some new photos but the big exciting reveal here would be a look at Kristen Wiig as a full on Cheetah. A Barbie toy revealed the look already, so fingers crossed for an official first look from the movie itself. Patty Jenkins has already confirmed she’s going to make a third Wonder Woman movie which will also be her last, so perhaps we get a release date for Wonder Woman 3 in here, as well. That said, we do still have to successfully get Wonder Woman 1984 out to theaters before anything else.

Next up, The Suicide Squad. The cast is assembling with director James Gunn for this one. We should not only expect every character the main cast is playing to be revealed and explained but we should also expect a full trailer. The film completed production before any shutdowns could have impacted it. This means looks at Harley Quinn, Polka Dot Man, Peacemaker, and more. This isn’t a Hall H thing where you have to be there to see it. If you miss the trailer, it will also be dropped online at the same time, and it’s probably going to confirm a hard R rating for this one.

Further out, we have Black Adam, which is not only going to reveal official concept art of The Rock as the "Man in Black" but also assemble a bunch of the cast members together. The Rock doesn’t like to do things halfway. It came out that Noah Centineo is playing Atom Smasher but the rest of the JSA, characters like Dr. Fate, Cyclone, Hawkman, and Black Adam’s wife Isis are probably going to have their casting revealed as well. As far as the villain goes, I’m thinking maybe it’s Vandal Savage, so maybe we’ll get that information, or a more accurate list of characters.

The Flash has Ezra Miller confirmed to be in attendance, along with director Andy Muschietti, and this is where the first big surprise comes in which a lot of us probably know about by now -- but Michael Keaton is expected to be coming back to his Batman role. Keaton is not on the list of more than 300+ guests confirmed to be in attendance (although that list may change dramatically) but WB has probably been eager to get all of the deals locked in to offer some guests as surprises -- if Keaton is going to come back, we will officially find out here, and hopefully get a first look at some concept art of him in an updated Batsuit and a logo for the Flashpoint movie. All unconfirmed.

Shazam! is assembling the entire Shazamily. We will likely get a tease of what’s to come in the future for this movie which should be starting production next year. After that tease of Mr. Mind from Shazam!, we will probably get a look into the future which will put some sort of other big DC baddies against the kids -- and maybe someone will address the Shazam and Black Adam crossover we all want to see.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is going to reveal plenty of footage. Snyder’s presentation looks like it’s going to be just him, because Henry Cavill, Ray Fisher, Ben Affleck, and Jason Momoa are all not listed as guests but the panel's description promises surprises so who knows. Maybe this panel delivers official title, premiere date and/or final answer on if it’s a movie or series.

Outside of the DCEU, The Batman is on the way, and they were about a third of the way through production so we’re almost definitely getting some version of a trailer for this movie. It might not be everything WB wanted it to be by this point because they haven’t shot a huge amount of footage but Zoe Kravtiz has said she’s already worn a Catwoman suit and we know Robert Pattinson has suited up as Batman so Matt Reeves is probably going to have something special for us and this might be the most anticipated moment of the day for a lot of people.

Jason Momoa is not listed as attending this event but James Wan is with Patrick Wilson, so some Aquaman 2 surprises could be in store or maybe a bit of info about that Trench spinoff, if that’s still happening.

We’re also going to get as many as two new movie announcements. A safe bet is Ava Duvernay popping in to offer up the first big news about New Gods and maybe some casting could come with that. We might also get a Birds of Prey sequel or, if we’re really, really lucky, a surprise announcement of a Superman project with Henry Cavill and J.J. Abrams would be a dream. This feels like a really lofty wish. J.J. Abrams in some sort of title seems less lofty, but maybe it’s a Green Lantern movie or that Batgirl movie finally getting somewhere.

TV content is TBD. More information will follow!


On the comics front, there will be some interesting moments, seeing as AT&T cut a third of the editorial staff at DC Comics less than two weeks prior to this event. Some of the creators who were cut had already filmed some panels for this, so there’s either going to be some re-shoots or awkward moments where this is not acknowledged, with all of us knowing that the people involved might be talking about a future they’re no longer a part of. Fingers crossed the comics front is able to mend some of this and we’re able to continue supporting the artists and writers we love.

The full DC FanDome schedule can be found here. What are you most looking forward to at DC FanDome? Share your thoughts in the comment section or send them my way on Instagram, @BrandonDavisBD, and head over to ComicBook.com/DC for more info all throughout this epic event.