All 151 Original Pokemon As Pancakes

Gotta bake em all!

In his latest video, cooking artist, Dr. Dan, makes all 151 original Pokemon as pancakes.

The St. Louis, Mo. based cook says that pancake artistry and creating "Dancakes" was something he stumbled into.

“I wasn't expecting pancake art to become such a big deal for me,” he said on his Facebook page. “But it has. And it's cool....Basically, I'm just a dude that stumbled into mild internet fame by turning pancakes into art. Now I'm making Dancakes full time. And it's a blast.”


When he’s not making anime inspired dishes, Dr. Dan plays, sings, and composes for indie rock trio, The Psychedelic Psychonauts,

Dr. Dan is available for booking for requests and parties. More information on him and Dancakes can be found at his official web page.