Archie Andrews To Marry The Money


For sixty-five years, Archie Andrews has been caught in a love triangle with rich vixen Veronica Lodge and girl next door Betty Cooper. In an event more surprising than the death of Superman, Archie Andrews is finally going to stop playing the field and propose. When left with the choice between a nice girl that will worship the ground he walks on and a wealthy girl that he will be able to freeload off of for the rest of his life, what choice does Archie Andrews make? Of course, Archie goes for the money. In the landmark Archie #600, Archie is shown on the cover proposing to Veronica Lodge. Archie Comics is billing the event as the "Archie Story of the Century." The official title of the issue is "Archie Marries Veronica Part 1: The Proposal." The storyline is being promoted as being told in six parts, so there are sure to be plenty of twists and turns before it is revealed if Archie and Veronica actually make it to the alter. The Archie #600 storyline is also being promoted as revealing what happens to Archie and his friends after they graduate college. Could it be that the fear of actually having to get a steady job has inspired Archie to marry a rich girl? The Archie proposal storyline is being written by acclaimed superhero movie producer Michael Uslan with art by legendary Archie Comics artist Stan Goldberg. Archie #600 is scheduled to arrive in comic book stores on August 19, 2009.