Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer 3 Breakdown and Analysis


Earlier today, Marvel unveiled the third trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron. If you haven't seen it, your life absolutely depends on it so click right here and watch it. If you have seen the most glorious two minutes your eyes have been treated to since the last trailer, you're probably impatiently waiting for the movie to come out, like the rest of us.

In the mean time, let's take a closer look at that trailer, which was packed with new footage. 

Avengers Trailer3 32.42 PM

Ultron is talking to the twins, Pietro (Quicksilver) and Wanda (Scarlet Witch), telling them how he was designed to save the world.

Avengers Trailer3 32.50 PM

We know he considers himself a superior being, but here it looks like he thinks he is a king on a throne. And what's that draped over him? He goes on to tell the twins that he was supposed to give people hope.

Avengers Trailer3 33.31 PM

But he's going to take all of the hope away. There are no (longer) strings on him.

Avengers Trailer3 33.41 PM

The context or cause of this explosion is unknown, but later in the trailer it looks like Thor is here. Point is, the world is headed down a bad path.

Avengers Trailer3 34.11 PM

Hello again, Ultron.

Avengers Trailer3 34.39 PM

An entire building collapses. Destruction and mayhem continue.

Avengers Trailer3 34.53 PM

But not at Avengers tower, at least for now. This is the first look at Stark Tower since the first Avengers. Looks like Tony has dropped the ego for a minute and become a team player, leaving only the "A" logo up, cough-Avengers Tower-cough. Or maybe he just didn't feel like replacing the other letters that fell off in the Battle of New York.

Avengers Trailer3 35.04 PM

Stark's tinkering continues, even after he destroyed his suits in Iron Man 3.

Avengers Trailer3 35.18 PM

He tells (according to the cut of the trailer) Banner that he wanted to give the world a shield.

Avengers Trailer3 35.35 PM

Banner listens to Stark admitting his failure.

Avengers Trailer3 36.35 PM

Ultron bots can be anywhere at anytime. Here they're popping up from underground!

Avengers Trailer3 37.10 PM

Thor gets blown away by an exploding truck. This looks like the same location and truck from the shot earlier in the trailer.

Avengers Trailer3 37.26 PM

Captain America failed at saving a car from going over the edge of a destroyed bridge and it looks like the passenger is still inside. This would be a big step for a Marvel film- letting a civilian die. Maybe Iron Man or someone flies in to save them (or maybe Spider-Man! Just kidding, probably not). Or maybe they meet their ultimate doom.

Avengers Trailer3 37.35 PMAvengers Trailer3 37.42 PM

Rogers and Stark talk about why they fight for the world. Civil War anybody??

Avengers Trailer3 37.53 PM

A little romance between Banner and Romanov, eh? I smell a love triangle.

Avengers Trailer3 38.19 PM

Black Widow sarcastically reminds Stark how well he failed at protecting the world. What's more important about this scene, though, is that the team seems to be in hiding. Why else would they be in a regular old house instead of Avengers tower?

Avengers Trailer3 38.58 PM

Sorry, folks. That's not Wolverine. That's Hawkeye preparing for battle. You can see his bow towards the bottom of the shot.

Avengers Trailer3 39.18 PM

And here it is. The coolest shot of the entire trailer. The team comes barreling down a snowy mountain ready to whoop some a--. So. Cool.

Avengers Trailer3 39.42 PM

Stark swipes Loki's scepter, containing the mind controlling Infinity Stone. Maybe he has to use it to get control of Hulk or Black Widow (who was see fall under Scarlet Witch's control in a few seconds).

Avengers Trailer3 39.57 PM

The team listens to Nick Fury (according to the cut of the trailer, but in the next shot, Stark is standing next to Fury, so maybe not).

Avengers Trailer3 40.14 PM

Fury gives a pep talk because saving the world apparently requires one.

Avengers Trailer3 40.25 PM

Evacuate! Who's ship is that? I don't know. Where are they and where are they going? Not sure either, but they're probably running from Ultron or an impending battle.

Avengers Trailer3 40.35 PM

Iron Man, Thor, and Captain Americaare face to face with Ultron! And Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver!

Avengers Trailer3 40.57 PM

Cap sounds ready to give his life to save the world.

Avengers Trailer3 41.32 PM

Another awesome shot after Cap throws his shield at Ultron who simply catches it in his chest cavity and dispatches it.

Avengers Trailer3 41.51 PM

Ultron and the Twins admiring what is probably Ultron's work.

Avengers Trailer3 42.14 PM

Hulk is no stranger to smashing on the side of buildings in this universe, but going head to head with Iron Man in Hulk Buster form? A lot of this show down has been exposed in trailers, but I have a feeling it's going to be even more epic on the big screen.

Avengers Trailer3 42.41 PM

Scarlet Witch puts Black Widow under a mind control spell.

Avengers Trailer3 43.07 PM

Quicksilver delivers Captain America a super-speed uppercut.

Avengers Trailer3 43.25 PM

Captain America rides a flying, flipping car and the ground erupts (presumably with Ultron bots).

Avengers Trailer3 44.18 PM

Thor challenges Ultron's might. But...look at that sexy new Iron Man suit to the right.

Avengers Trailer3 44.28 PM

Bad move, Thor. Oh, and Ultron can fly! Whoa.

Avengers Trailer3 44.42 PM

The first look at what looks like one of the most epic battle scenes of all time. While there's no Quicksilver to be seen, Scarlet Witch is fighting with the Avengers.

Avengers Trailer3 45.03 PM

And of course, the first look at the Vision.

Avengers Trailer3 45.11 PM

Hello, there, Vision.

How hyped are you for Avengers: Age of Ultron? What was your favorite moment from the trailer? Let us know in the comment section!

Avengers: Age of Ultron blasts into theaters May 1, 2015.