Best Professor Farnsworth From Futurama Cosplay Ever

Good news, everyone! Effects artist Frank Ippolito has created a realistic cosplay of Professor Farnsworth from Futurama.

Ippolito has previously created realistic cosplay based on Zoidberg and Star Wars' Admiral Ackbar, but the Professor was a little different. Where Zoidberg and Ackbar were alien creatures that Ippolito could create wholesale masks for, Farnsworth is a human. In order to make the character as realistic as possible, Ippoolito used makeup to create a Farnsworth cosplay specifically fitted for a single actor.


Check out the video from Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman's Tested below:

Good news, everyone! After creating the lifelike Zoidberg costume for us earlier this year, effects artist Frank Ippolito takes on another makeup challenge from the world of Futurama. This time, it's Professor Farnsworth! Watch Frank bring the professor to life with sculpting, molding, and casting of prosthetics, and then applying the makeup on an actor to unveil at the Tested stage show!