DC Comics Rebirth Special Will Have The Single Most Controversial Scene Since Dan DiDio Started

Dan DiDio has never steered away from controversy.From killing Sue Dibny and revealing a [...]

(Photo: DC Comics)

During his long run as head of DC Comics, co-publisher (previously Editor-in-Chief) Dan DiDio has never steered away from controversy.

From killing Sue Dibny and revealing a long-standing conspiracy of silence within the superhero community in Identity Crisis to rebooting the entire universe with the New 52, DiDio has overseen some of the most polarizing moments in DC's publishing history...

...and, apparently, there's more to come.

During a video interview with ComicVine about DC's forthcoming event DC Comics Rebirth, DiDio said that the project "is about getting back to the core of what DC characters are all about," and teased a "return to greatness."

While he said he believed fans would be pleased with May 25's DC Universe Rebirth #1, he also said "It's going to have what I believe is the single most controversial scene in DC Comics in all the time I've been there."

You can check out the full interview above.