DC's Legends of Tomorrow Easter Eggs Revealed

Tomorrow, fans will get their first look at The Waverider, Rip Hunter's timeship on DC's Legends [...]


Tomorrow, fans will get their first look at The Waverider, Rip Hunter's timeship on DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

In the first couple of episodes, there won't be a lot of time spent in Rip Hunter's study/time lab, which is where he keeps his collection of oddities and trophies from throughout the ages. When I was on board The Waverider a few months ago, they whisked us through that room pretty quickly, which was a shame because the DC nerd in me wanted to move in and spend the night, so I could take a good, long look at all the Easter eggs planted around the room.

And now, DC has posted a photo to Instagram that gives fans a look at some of what I saw.

As we had previously noted, that helmet on the table -- seen in the DC's Legends of Tomorrow trailer high up on a shelf in the background -- appears to belong to Ma Hunkel, the Golden Age Red Tornado. That one's particularly interesting since we've already seen one Red Tornado on TV this season -- on Supergirl.

Speaking of people we've already seen on TV, it seems as though Rip Hunter is blowing on a more traditional version of the Pied Piper's flute in this shot -- not the techno-version seen during last year's appearances by the character on The Flash.

Sgt. Rock's helmet was already spotted in a promotional photo with Rip Hunter, so that's a check -- and what's that other helmet? It's not totally clear but many fans are guessing it belongs to the New God Orion. Given that it does bear a passing resemblance to one of the animated looks he's had in recent years, and the way its wearer (is that Brandon Routh?) is standing, as though he were holding Orion's Astro Harness, it seems like a good guess. Another possibility could be that it belongs to a Rocket Red, but that seems less likely since there's no red on the helmet. A third option would be S.T.R.I.P.E., the partner Stargirl.

During my set visit, I asked one of the designers whether the candle on the table was the Candle of Neron, but he told me that he designed only the Waverider itself, not the props, and had no idea. It doesn't particularly look like the one in the comics, but I like to think it could be.

A number of fans also point to what looks like a lantern on one of the shelves behind our heroes and say it's a good candidate to be Alan Scott's, but unless something major has changed since I visited the set in October, that's not the case.

I looked closely at the stuff around the room -- and while I was sworn to secrecy, I feel like I can say at this point that along with these, the other things that really stuck out were a silver scarab (possibly a nod to the many scarabs that played a role in Booster Gold Volume 2 and Time Masters: Vasnishing Point, both of which featured Rip Hunter?) and a wanted poster for Jonah Hex, who has since been confirmed to appear in an episode of the series.