Director Alex Proyas Feels The Crow Remake Is Unnecessary


Alex Proyas is just coming off of his latest film, Gods of Egypt, which is in theatres now. In an interview with Collider recently he shared his feelings on another of his films, the cult classic film The Crow, and the possibility of it being remade.

When asked if it was something he was watching with interest or just something he doesn't pay attention to anymore, he had this to say.

You know, I've moved on and I just feel like it's… I personally feel like it's kind of unnecessary. I've said this many times, I've completed the original movie to honor Brandon and that's the sole reason I did it. I'm happy I did it for that reason. I sort of feel like it's his legacy and I personally don't have a lot of time for people trying to reignite that movie in other ways. So you know, to me, this is one situation where it would be nice if Hollywood kind of left it alone and let it remain Brandon Lee's legacy.

While a remake of the film has come up in rumors and speculation constantly, nothing so far has come of it. Proyas would like to keep it that way, and I would surmise that most would agree with him. Not everything needs to be remade or rebooted, but Hollywood has a hard time letting an IP sit idly by when it could be making money for them.


via Collider