Fantastic Four #6 Preview: Friends Become Enemies In An Original Sin Tie-In

Fantastic Four #6

Marvel Comics has released a preview of Fantastic Four #6, an Original Sin tie-in from Eisner Award-winning writer James Robinson and artists Leonard Kirk and Dean Haspiel. Over the years, Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm have become a family as the Thing and the Human Torch, members of the Fantastic Four. Reed Richards has tried, over the years, to reverse Ben's transformation but has never found a permanent solution, a failure that continues to haunt Reed and cast a shadow of Marvel's First Family. What secret about Ben's transformation does Johnny hold, and why has he lied about it for so long? Through the events of Original Sin, Ben will learn Johnny's secret for the first time. The revelation sends the Thing into such a volatile state that it may mean the end of the Fantastic Four for good. Fantastic Four #6 goes on sale in June. FANTASTIC FOUR #6 (APR140634) Written by JAMES ROBINSON Art by LEONARD KIRK & DEAN HASPIEL Cover by LEONARD KIRK FOC – 06/02/14, On-Sale – 06/25/14

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