Final Spectre Trailer Released

(Photo: Sony Pictures Entertainment)

The final trailer for Spectre, the next James Bond film, was released online today by Sony Pictures Entertainment. Clocking in at only a minute and fifteen seconds, it's shorter than most full trailers today, though the last couple of Bond movies have been shrouded in secrecy leading up to their release.

The film is Daniel Craig's fourth as James Bond, the secret agent with a knack for action, women, and martinis. The trailer features Christoph Waltz (the villain Franz Oberhauser heavily, as he verbally spars with Craig's Bond. Flashes of action promise the same high-octane excitement his take on Bond has been known for.

SPECTRE as an organization has appeared in six prior Bond films, typically led by Ernst Stavro Blofeld, fueling speculation that Waltz's character will eventually be revealed as Blofeld in some capacity.


Spectre hits theaters November 6, 2015, directed by Sam Mendes.