Heroes Finale: A Death In The Family

On the Heroes season four finale called 'An Invisible Thread,' Angela Petrelli has a dream about [...]

On the Heroes season four finale called "An Invisible Thread," Angela Petrelli has a dream about Nathan. Nathan is in trouble. HRG pulls the car over because there is a roadblock up ahead. He lets out Claire and Angela and tells them he'll meet up with them later. HRG instructs the pair to get to Nathan quickly. HRG drives on without his companions and is stopped by an officer. A group of Feds pull up behind the car with guns. At Nathan's office, Danko jabs a knife in the back of Sylar's head. That should pretty much kill Sylar, but no--Sylar gets up off the floor and pulls the knife out of his skull. It turns out that the shapeshifting abilities that Sylar acquired allowed him to move the one spot on his body where he can be killed. Sylar throws Danko up against the wall and Danko dares Sylar to kill him. Really--does this crap happen in real life? "Go ahead, do it!" Five minutes in, and the writing is already crappy.

Danko tells Sylar that his men are on the way, and Slyar seems eager for the Feds to arrive. When asked if he's going to kill Nathan, Sylar admits that he's going to take Nathan out, but only after absorbing the Senator's memories. His plan: to shake the President's hand tomorrow at a meeting between the President and Nathan, which will allow Sylar to morph into the Commander In Chief. Danko bravely boasts that he won't let that meeting take place. Then, as the Feds are heard in the background, Sylar shifts into Danko, shoots down the hall and hits one of the agents, then shifts back into Agent Talb. Sylar, as Agent Talb, points a gun at Danko and tells the Feds that he has Danko. Claire and Angela have made it to the Capital building. Angela tells her that HRG's plan was to get caught all along--so he could protect Claire. Angela tells Claire that she's off to find Matt Parkman. Claire must find Nathan on her own. When pressed why, Angela says that Parkman saves Nathan in her dream. In Nathan's office, Sylar looks pretty snazzy in a shirt and tie. He tries to wake Nathan, but the Senator doesn't stir. Slyar needs Nathan's memories, but he'll have to pull them from his photos and mementos for now. And, just on time, Claire shows up. She quizzes a Nathan-looking Sylar about who he is--Nathan or Sylar--and the shapeshifter convinces her by pulling some memories from the necklace Nathan got back from the pawn shop in Mexico. Claire offers to help Sylar/Nathan, and he agrees. At Building 26, the Feds haul a handcuffed Danko into detention. Hiro and Ando are there hiding out and guess what--they're arguing! Hiro wants to stop time, but Ando thinks it's too dangerous. Hiro might kill himself. But that's a chance Hiro is going to take. Danko is put into a cell with HRG. Danko tells him that he screwed up. The two have some lovey-dovey moments and make up. Just as they're about to shake hands, time is stopped by Hiro. They leave the door open and move on, searching for prisoners. Ando looks at Hiro and notices blood coming from his friend's ear. After a quick look around, they find a room full of Heroes that have been drugged out--including Mohinder. The pair switch out the Heroes for Feds, putting the agents under a drug induced coma, then Hiro unstops time. Hiro isn't doing so hot. Mohinder looks at Hiro and determines (in about four seconds) that Hiro's body is rejecting his time stopping powers. WOW! If only my doctor could diagnose me that quickly! Amazing stuff! Mohinder tells Hiro to not use his powers again, or it could result in death.

HRG and Danko see the door open, and they wonder if they're being tricked. But HRG knows it's Hiro. Danko and HRG see that the prisoners are gone and the agents are drugged up. Danko pulls out a large syringe full of tranquilizer meant for Sylar. When HRG turns his back, Danko reaches to stab HRG with the syringe. But Hiro stopped time, grabbed the syringe, and sticks Danko with it instead. Hiro passes out. HRG takes off to find Sylar, leaving Mohinder and Ando to take care of their ailing friend. Back at the Capital Building, Nathan wakes up. Peter is there. They leave to track down Sylar. Claire and Sylar are at the Stanton Motel, waiting for the President. Nathan struggles a bit in talking to her, and she seems suspicious. After signing a guess register with his left hand, Claire remarks that she thought Nathan was right handed. Sylar attempts to brush her off, but we know she's on to him. The two move to a waiting room for the President, and Claire gets a call from HRG. She tells him that she's with Nathan--only we see that it isn't Claire talking. It's a shapeshifting Sylar. Sylar slips back into his own body and tells HRG that he has Claire. Claire tells Sylar that HRG is going to stop him, and then she's going to kill Sylar. However, Sylar has other plans. He's going to kill HRG--or maybe make Claire do it. He also says that he's going to kill her entire family. Then he proceeds to tell Claire how much they have in common. Both adopted, can't die, etc. And, after all of this, Sylar starts hitting on Claire. It's not creepy--just very stupid. Nathan and Peter arrive at the hotel, and the White House folks realize that there is someone impersonating the Senator. Nathan tells the White House staff members that he's one of the Heroes. They ask for a five minute head start to go after Sylar, and their wish is granted.

As they reach the room, Claire is thrown out of the room. The men both fly toward Sylar, who shoots them with lightning. The doors of the room slam shut. We hear lots of noise, then silence. When Claire enters, she finds Peter. Peter tells her that Nathan and Sylar flew out the window, but he can't fly after them. So they chase the two the normal way--they run. Nathan continues his struggle with Sylar, but is thrown on to a piano. When he stands to face Sylar, Sylar does his patented finger cutting move and slashes Nathan's throat. Blood is everywhere, and Nathan falls to his knees. He gets back up, then plops into a chair. Sylar just laughs as the blood gushes out of Nathan. Sylar leaves Nathan there to die. In the streets, Angela finds Parkman and tells him that he needs to help her save Nathan. Parkman declines, saying he's there to stop the Feds from coming after him. Angela, as always, is persuasive. Parkman goes with her. Back at the hotel, Peter and Claire run through the lobby, only to be held up at gunpoint by HRG. HRG, of course, wants to know if Peter is really Peter. After insisting he is Peter, HRG believes him. (Does everyone on this show just believe everything that is told to them?) Peter informs HRG that he has taken Sylar's power, and they now have a way to stop the shapeshifter. The only problem? Secret Service agents want to put the group into custody.

Upstairs, Parkman mind screws his way past Secret Service to find Nathan dead. Angela doesn't understand why her dream wasn't right. Parkman was supposed to save Nathan. Sylar, back looking like Nathan, runs into the President's aide and assumes his identity. He now is on his way to meet the President. The actor playing the President isn't anywhere close to looking like Obama, but he sure as heck sounds like him. Inside the limo, Sylar sits face to face with him. The two shake hands, and something happens to Sylar. He shifts back to his likeness, and the President changes into Peter. Then Peter stabs Sylar with a syringe under his chin. Sylar passes out.

In a hotel room, HRG, Parkman, and Angela have Sylar on a bed. HRG and Angela have a plan, but Parkman wants no part of it. HRG explains that if the President finds out that a person with abilities murdered a U.S. Senator, Parkman will be hunted more than ever. HRG and Angela convince Parkman to implement the plan. Parkman uses his ability to tell Sylar that he is no longer Sylar. That he is now Nathan Petrelli. He zaps the Sylar memories and replaces them with Nathan memories. When he finishes, Sylar shapeshifts into Nathan and wakes up. At the close, a fake Sylar body is burned. Claire can't believe that Sylar is dead (she wasn't in on the Parkman shapeshifting incident). Nathan tells HRG that the President agreed to give him funding for a new company, to be headed by HRG. Hiro and Ando decide to head back to Japan. That concludes Volume Four, but we get a glimpse of what happens in Volume Five. Traci Strauss is back, and she's a serial killer. Nathan and Angela are talking, but he doesn't pay attention. He walks over to a clock and notices that it's off just a little bit off. Uh oh, Slyar is back...