Huntress Mourns Robin, Fears the Batman in Worlds' Finest #10 Preview


DC Comics has released a new preview of this week's Worlds' Finest #10 from Paul Levitz and Kevin Maguire, which takes place shortly after the events of Batman Inc. #8 and deals with the fallout from the death of Robin (Damian Wayne) as well as the ramifications of Huntress's relationship with Batman--someone she hasn't yet met. For the uninitiated, the short version is the Huntress and Power Girl, the characters at the heart of Worlds' Finest, are from Earth Two, an alternate universe where Power Girl was Supergirl and Huntress was the grown daughter of Batman and Catwoman. So that, in a way, makes Damian (Batman's genetically-engineered son who grew most of his life without  Batman's knowledge of his existence) and Huntress (the daughter of a genetically-identical, alternate-universe version of Batman) the most confusing set of half-siblings ever, and it's that connection that brings Huntress to Wayne Manor and Damian's grave sight. What happens next is the premise for the comic--check out the preview pages below, courtesy of Wired.