Jack Ryan TV Series Picked Up By Amazon

(Photo: Paramount)

The Tom Clancy character Jack Ryan is making the move from the big screen to the small, Deadline reports. The series is going to Amazon with a direct series commitment with Carlton Cuse (Lost) at the helm alongside Graham Roland, a veteran Marine who started writing on Lost after being inspired by the show while on deployment.. Michael Bay's production company is one of the producers as well.

This is the second Paramount TV production with Amazon from one of their film series, as Paramount is currently also developing a Galaxy Quest TV show with the streaming service. The show will use the novels as general source material, says the report, but give a contemporary take on the character, thrusting Jack Ryan out of the cold war and into the modern era.


Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck, and Chris Pine have all played the character on the big screen, but no actors have been tagged as possibilities for this version yet.