Joe Hill's Horns Contains a Hidden Twin Peaks Reference

While Twin Peaks was only on the air for a short time, there is no denying that it has been and continues to be a huge cultural influence. References to the show have found their way into numerous books, films, and television shows over the last quarter of a century. Most recently, a bit of a Twin Peaks Easter Egg was found in the film Horns, based on the acclaimed novel by Joe Hill.

Horns, which is directed by Alexandre Aja and stars Daniel Radcliffe, won’t be in theaters until Halloween. But it is available now to stream on Amazon Instant Video.

Minor spoilers only if you have neither read the book nor seen the film.

In both the book and film Horns, one of the last people to see the characters of Ig and Merrin together is a waitress in a diner. Ig returns to the diner to question the waitress about what she told the police in regards to that fateful night.

In Horns, that waitress is played by Heather Graham, who played another diner waitress in Twin Peaks, Annie Blackburn.


That alone could simply be called a coincidence, except for what she is doing when Ig enters the diner. She is offering dessert to a table full of customers. And the dessert she specifically mentions to them is cherry pie, Agent Dale Cooper’s favorite.

The moment is so quiet that you could call it background noise, if only there was also noise in the forefront. It seems like it would be quite a stretch for Heather Graham to play a small town diner waitress offering someone cherry pie without it being a reference to Twin Peaks. The real coincidence is that fact that Horns contains this reference and becoming available to the general public only a few days before the return of Twin Peaks is announced.