Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress To Get New Anime In 2018

Earlier this year, Wit Studio teamed back up with director Tetsurō Araki to create one of the [...]

Earlier this year, Wit Studio teamed back up with director Tetsurō Araki to create one of the year's biggest hits. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress rolled onto television in April 2016, and anime enthusiasts likened it to Attack on Titan meeting The Walking Dead. The gritty, horror series follows humanity after a strange virus transforms most of mankind into undead monsters called Kabane. Since the show ended, fans have been wondering whether Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress would be continued, and now the director is letting fans know a new anime is coming in 2018.

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Not long ago, Fuji TV aired a live event which was held to announce the new anime. Tetsuro confirmed an anime project had been green-lit by Wit Studio and that development was already underway. The event also confirmed that Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress would be gifted with two compilation films and a drama CD which tells an epilogue story about this year's anime series.

If you are not familiar with Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, then you will have plenty of time to catch up with the series before the new anime debuts. The show was created by several staffers associated with Attack on Titan, and the series follows after its predecessor in the best ways.

The anime follows a an engineer named Ikoma who works as a steamsmith and weapons designer. The boy lives on the island country of Hinomoto where the last dredges of humanity have built iron fortresses to separate them from the mindless Kabane who want to turn them. Separated into various stations, mankind connects to one another using armored locomotives, but things turn sour when a train coming into Aragane Station is infiltrated by Kabane.

With an invasion underway, Ikoma tests out a weapon he's created that he believes can kill the Kabane. The weapon is able to pierce the monsters' glowing hearts, but Ikoma is bitten by a Kabane during the ambush. The boy is able to prevent himself from turning fully, leaving him as a hybrid Kabane called as Kabaneri. Armed to the teeth, Ikoma teams up with a slew of survivors as they try to escape Aragane and reach safety while absolutely slaughtering whatever gets in their way.

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If you want to catch up on Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, you can stream the first season over on Amazon Prime. Crunchyroll will be releasing the series on Blu-ray and DVD in the U.S. next year with Funimation's help.

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