Man of Steel Day: Where to Get Your Free Comics

So you want your free Superman comics for Man of Steel Day, but you're not sure where to get them? [...]


So you want your free Superman comics for Man of Steel Day, but you're not sure where to get them? That's what we're here for! ComiXology has a copy of All-Star Superman #1 for free in their library and, interestingly, it's split from the standard edition of All-Star Superman #1 that's been selling for ages. Whether this product will no longer be downloadable, or just no longer be free, after today isn't clear, but it does look like the Man of Steel Day variant won't be incorporated into the digital copy you already own, if you care about that kind of thing. Barnes & Noble has the same deal--with their single issues of All-Star Superman priced at only $0.99 and so, cheaper than a digital copy of the collected edition (twelve issues at $0.99 is less than the $12.31 for a digital copy of the trade, even when you don't consider that you can get a free #1). Amazon has the same thing, although if they do have the one-volume version of the digital graphic novel, I can't find it. So if this free #1 turns into a hankering to see the story play out, either digital singles or a digital graphic novel from Barnes & Noble are probably your best bets, pricing-wise. And, of course, then there's the thing where you've actually got to physically go someplace. There's a free copy of the Man of Steel Special Edition of All-Star Superman #1 available with purchase at Barnes & Noble and Sears retailers around the country--and Sears has a special, Sears-exclusive variant cover. Meanwhile, Starbucks is running a separate promotion where readers who come in to get their Pick of the Week card, or bring their devices to Starbucks to download in-store, can get a copy of Action Comics #1, also by Morrison. While the rest of these are "Man of Steel Day" promotions, the Pick of the Week will last until the 17th.