Mitt Romney Comic Book Hits Shelves

They say that timing is everything, and we're guessing that Bluewater Comics had this week circled on the calendar. Knowing that Mitt Romney would most likely win the Iowa Caucuses, Bluewater scheduled the release of the Romney Comic Book this week. "Political Power: Mitt Romney" is the latest biographical comic book in the wildly successful series. Former subjects have included Ronald Reagan, Ted Kennedy and Richard Nixon. The Romney book will focus on how the man went from a political moderate to the frontrunner status of the Republican nomination. We didn't preview the issue, so that's about all we have. We do know, however, that Mitt isn't the only current Republican candidate scheduled to get a comic book. Upcoming books for Ron Paul, Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann will hit shelves in the upcoming weeks. If you happen to pick up "Political Power: Mitt Romney," let us know what you think!