Next Pokemon Go Update Details Allegedly Leaked

Pokemon Go players are patiently (or impatiently) awaiting word on the game's next major update, [...]


Pokemon Go players are patiently (or impatiently) awaiting word on the game's next major update, as developer Niantic Labs has promised that a host of new features will eventually be added to the game. However, players will have to wait a little longer for some of those features, if a new Reddit post is to be believed. A post on /r/pokemongodev revealed that a new update was recently uploaded to the Apple App Store for a possible release later this week.

So what changes does the new update have in store for players? Well, if the post is to be believed, the biggest change is that players will be able to change their nickname one time. The game is also changing the evolve animation somehow and adding some new settings, which includes the battery saver function pulled from the iOS version of the game during the last update.

The new update will also fix a bug preventing trainers from receiving bonus XP for accurate throws and will prompt players to indicate they are not driving when traveling above certain speeds. Finally, the "nearby" window was modified to "sightings", although it doesn't appear that any other fixes were made.

One of the more intriguing parts of the next update are files involving the Pokemon Go Plus device. The new update includes a file for notifications involving the Pokemon Go Plus device, supposedly to give players extra info on their phone whenever the device vibrates. Two of the notifications include references to "tracking Pokemon", which implies that Pokemon Go will have the tracker function back by the time Nintendo releases the device in September.

While players should take any leak with a grain of salt, it should be noted that the Redditor who posted the leak has previously pointed out other "insider" knowledge about Pokemon Go, including information on the recent API changes and the addition of coding related to Pokemon trades. We'll have to see if the leak is accurate in a few days.