Project Dream Is Trying To Revive The Dreamcast

If you’ve been paying attention to internet trends over the past 24 hours or so, you may have [...]

Sega Dreamcast

If you've been paying attention to internet trends over the past 24 hours or so, you may have heard that Sega could be developing Dreamcast 2. That's not even a little bit true, but that doesn't mean fans of Sega's last console don't have something to look forward to.

This whole story began with a petition for Sega to release a limited edition, HD capable version of Dreamcast. The petition asked for an updated Dreamcast model, capable of upscaling to HD graphics, and playing games stored on the system's hard drive.

More recently, the team behind "Project Dream" has been preparing to pitch the HD Dreamcast idea to Sega, and they've been looking to increase the number of signatures on the petition to show Sega that there's interest. They also noted that if Sega doesn't agree to fund the project, they'll attempt to gain crowdfunding to launch the clone console independently.

Somehow, all of this got turned into stories about the Dreamcast 2. Ben Plato, who launched the original petition, tried to clarify the situation on an update to the page today. There is no Dreamcast 2. That would mean an entirely new hardware system and a new library of games. What Project Dream is trying to accomplish is much more similar to an upscale version of the all-in-one Sega Genesis re-release that's been available at retail outlets for some time now. Should Sega refuse the proposal, they'll go the unofficial route of clone consoles like the Retro-Duo instead.

The Dreamcast is considered by many to have been a system released far ahead of its time, offering an online console gaming experience before home internet was fast and convenient enough to really support it. Many of the most popular games and franchises on the system have since moved onto and been rereleased on other consoles, but if you're looking for the most definitive Dreamcast experience, you may want to keep an eye on Project Dream.