Rebels #9 Exclusive Cover Reveal From Tula Lotay

Dark Horse Comics has provided with an exclusive first look at Rebels #9’s [...]

(Photo: Dark Horse Comics)

Dark Horse Comics has provided with an exclusive first look at Rebels #9's cover from artist Tula Lotay.

Rebels is Brian Wood's acclaimed 18th-century action-drama chronicling the Revolutionary War between North American settlers and the British Empire. The series is similar to Wood's other pieces of historical comics, Northlanders, but with American Revolutionaries instead of Vikings.

"Right now we have the big story about the militia, which is primarily a story about combat, but after that we'll have a series of shorter stories that cover a range of things: the press, a deconstruction of the Molly Pitcher folktale, African Americans in combat, a story about the frontier days - James Fenimore Cooper type stuff, and a one-shot from a Redcoat's perspective," Wood told back when Rebels #1 was released. In the upcoming issue, Rebels will turn the clock back to the days of the French and Indian War.

You can check out the full cover, and the issue's full solicit information, below.

Rebels #9
Brian Wood (W), Andrea Mutti (A), Jordie Bellaire (C), and Tula Lotay (Cover)
On sale Dec 9
FC, 32 pages

Before the Revolutionary War, across the Ohio River Valley, numerous forts were built to claim and hold valuable territory. Meet Stone Hoof, a young Native American who falls in with a crew of white settlers during the French and Indian War.

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