Check Out This Awesome Batman/Red Hood Fan Film

Straight out of the heart of Perth, Australia, comes a new fan rendition of the, now classic, Red [...]


Straight out of the heart of Perth, Australia, comes a new fan rendition of the, now classic, Red Hood story from the world of Batman. The film stars Simon Arblaster, Brian Dennison, Ron Arthurs, Brodie Masini and Warren Lyons, bringing the world of Jason Todd to life as he hunts the Joker and attempts to take out as many members of Gotham's underworld as possible. In this world, Batman is seemingly dead and so the former Robin seems to be the only line of defense between the criminal elements and the fine citizens of Gotham City, only he's not taking any prisoners. There's a nice level of production value to be found in this fan film, with a healthy helping of well-done fight choreography, placing it above other fan films that are out there.

The Red Hood has always had an interesting and checkered history, at one time acting as something of a placeholder for a gang of criminals to put an unsuspecting third party into it to draw the attention, and gunfire, of the police should things get hairy. This is, of course, how the Joker originally took the mantle, as he was simply an innocent failed standup comedian looking to get some extra money by leading a group of criminals into his former workplace, Ace Chemicals. Of course, one thing led to another and the Joker was kicked into a vat of chemicals, turning him into the clown prince of crime we know today. Eventually, the Joker killed the second teen to take up the mantle of Robin, Jason Todd, but thanks to some Lazarus Pits, Todd was resurrected and vowed revenge against the man who killed him. In an ironic twist, Jason decided to take the moniker of the Red Hood that was originally the Joker, and hit the streets of Gotham as a vigilante wielding two pistols. Unlike Batman, Todd had no qualms with killing criminals and has been an ally and enemy to the Dark Knight.

Jason Todd's resurrection followed the return of Captain America's Bucky, another character who was originally thought to be a deceased character who was somewhat untouchable. Since being officially brought back in the "Under the Red Hood" storyline from comic book writer Judd Winnick, Jason Todd has had several of his own series as well as frequent guest appearances in the overall DC Universe. There have also been several rumors about the upcoming solo Batman feature starring Ben Affleck, with Affleck and Geoff Johns taking on writing duties, featuring none other than Jason Todd himself. Certainly, the trailers for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice having a torn apart Robin costume may lead credence to this theory, though there has also been an animated DCU film entitled "Batman: Under the Red Hood".

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