Guardians of the Galaxy Cartoon Announced

At this morning's Marvel Animation Presents panel at Comic Con International: San Diego, Marvel Television surprised fans with the announcement that Guardians of the Galaxy, just a week out from its hugely-anticipated feature film bow, will head to the small screen with a new series on Disney XD.

Introduced to the Marvel Animated universe in an episode of Ultimate Spider-Man, the team of spacefaring superheroes recently showed up on a banner at Licensing Expo, leading the press to conclude that the animated series was all but a done deal.

Yesterday, one of the co-writers of the live-action film said in an interview that a second movie was already in early development with writer/director James Gunn behind it.


The show will likely star Chris Cox, Nika Futterman and David Sobolov as Star-Lord, Gamora and Drax. Michael Clarke Duncan, who voiced Groot on Ultimate Spider-Man, passed away and will have to be replaced. It is not immediately clear whether Billy West or Trey Devall will be brought on to play Rocket Raccoon in the series; both have appeared as the character on an episode of Ultimate Spider-Man.