Shutter #4 Preview From Image Comics

Image Comics has released a preview of Shutter #4, the next issue of the urban fantasy series from writer Joe Keatinge (Glory, Tech Jacket) and artist Lelia del Duca. Kate Kristopher continues encountering supernatural creatures and unusual obstacles.

"Hey ladies and gents! As usual, Joe threw some really wonderful concepts and challenges at me this issue," said del Duca. "Highlights being the first three pages done in a more illustrative style and layout telling the origin story of Harrington the butler. I also dig drawing the Colonel, a super old lady and war hero who dresses fashionably, who helped raise Kate. However, my favorite scene by far is the one where Mikey the platypus chokes out Shaw. I mean… there are no words to describe how delightfully ridiculous and exciting it was to draw these characters in a dark alleyway, hoping to get out of a hit job and then BAM. Yup. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the preview!"

"First and foremost, holy moley—we gotta thank every single person supporting Shutter for supporting Shutter!" Keatinge added. "From our enthusiastic initial orders on each issue, to the stunning sell through and avalanche of great feedback—Leila, Owen, Ed and I appreciate every bit of pure enthusiasm every reader drives us with and all the hard work our retail partners put into making sure the books get into their hands."

Shutter #4 goes on sale July 9.