Stan Lee Explains Lack Of Cameo In The Wolverine

Stan Lee

At Fandomfest on Saturday, Stan Lee explained his involvement in the movies based on Marvel characters. He also explained why he didn't have a cameo in The Wolverine, which was released in theaters this weekend.

After talking about how the great artists at Marvel helped make every comic book story he wrote look better than it really was, Stan Lee said, “And now we have the greatest screenwriters and the greatest movie producers and directors, and they are doing those great movies, and a lot of people are giving me the credit for them. Of course, I take it.”

After that audience erupted in laughter, Stan Lee added, “I don’t have much to do with the movies, except of course, it’s my cameos that make them hits.”

Stan Lee continued, “I didn’t have a cameo in Wolverine. I apologize. I know you’ll be heartbroken, but they filmed it in Australia, and I just didn’t have time to go there, so I missed out on that one. The movie will probably be a dud.”