Stardust Teasing a Heroes & Villians FanFest Appearance

Stardust Interruption of Heroes & Villains NYNJHeroes & Villains New York / New Jersey, Don't Be [...]

Stardust Interruption of Heroes & Villains NYNJ

Heroes & Villains New York / New Jersey, Don't Be Alarmed........

Posted by Heroes & Villains Fan Fest on Friday, January 15, 2016

Forget Ra's or the Dark Archer, Stardust truly is Oliver Queen's greatest foe.

Continuing on their feud from last year, WWE's bizarre cosmic jokester Stardust taunts actor Stephen Amell and is looking to make an appearance at New Jersey's Heroes and Villains FanFest next week.

The eccentric villain interrupted a video about the convention during the announcement of names of those set to appear from shows like The Flash and, of course, Arrow.

You might remember ComicBook's coverage on their feud last year, and with the Royal Rumble next week and Wrestlemania in the coming months, could a rematch be close behind? Will Amell be able to get his Slammy Award back from the Prince of Dark Matter? Or is Stardust merely taunting the fan-favorite actor?