Superstore Series Finale: Last Episode of Hit Series Brings Reunions, Foot Killer Reveals

As fans of the hit sitcom Superstore have known, the show officially came to a conclusion with [...]

As fans of the hit sitcom Superstore have known, the show officially came to a conclusion with tonight's super-sized series finale which wrapped up a lot of major storylines that have been ongoing since the beginning, and revealed some details from before then. The episode begins with the return of America Ferrera's Amy, who lets the employees of the story know that Zephra is shifting to an online business and as a result are closing 95% of their stores. They don't have to worry though, she's coming back from California to try and help them stay open, at least until the foot-fetish serial killer strikes again.

One main through line of the finale is the potential closure of the store, with the first half being the team focusing on making themselves look good in order to try and impress a Zephra analyst who is planning to come by and inspect the place. Naturally this was derailed in many hilarious ways but especially due to Jonah (Ben Feldman) running into Amy and the pair trying to navigate the awkwardness of her having left after turning down his marriage proposal (the other main through line). The B-plot of the episode sees Mateo (Nico Santos) trying to figure out what his next job will be, even sucking up to Carol (Irene White) to try and get hired as her personal assistant after her injury settlement.

While the staff tries to make the store look nice, cookie smells, flowers everywhere, briefly hiring hot greeters to stay in the front, the foot killer once again strikes as an entire duffel bag of feet is found. Rather than calling the police and making the story look bad, potentially leading to a closure, they build a wall of La Croix around it as a display. The ruse doesn't last long though and the police end up being called. In a Hail Mary attempt to make the story look better, Jonah agrees to do an interview with a local news broadcast, but answers all of their questions about the foot serial killer with reasons why the store shouldn't be closed including: "We keep trying to show everybody we're the perfect store, and the truth is we're not, we're just us, but we're here every single day.... we want to keep doing that."

Amy comforts Jonah after his audible, and notices the analyst is finally leaving. The good news is that Zephra has decided not to close the store, the bad news is they're turning it into a fulfillment center and not everyone will get to keep their jobs. In response to this, Amy quits on the spot.

One month later, it's the last day of the store being open and Amy comes to visit. Jonah welcomes her back once again and Glenn quickly recruits her to return to work (her final name tag on reading "Vangeline").

It's revealed in the final half of the episode that Dina has been made the fulfillment center manager, but she's been told she can only keep five people on the staff. She can't make up her mind and in the end Sandra helps her out, picking herself, Marcus, Justine, Shannon, and Lou to join her at the fullfillment center, but with one more catch, Sandra gets to be assistant manager.

Also recurring in the last half is Glenn revealing he's planning to retire, but being unsure about what to do next. This intersects with Mateo's quest to find a new gig, with Carol only being able to afford him as her assistant for one day since her settlement wasn't actually that big. Glenn eventually arrives at the idea of re-opening his dad's Sturgis & Sons hardware store, offering Mateo a job at the store.

Finally the tension between Amy and Jonah remains paramount throughout the final episode, she learns about how upset he was after she left, the many people he tried to date in her absence, and even tells him that she made a mistake by not marrying him. They even share a cute moment that's a flip on her teaching him about the scanner system. Jonah doesn't go for her apologies at first though, telling her he's not "just something you can schedule for when you're free. It all comes to a head after Glenn starts popping in the interview tapes of all the employees and everyone begins to reminisce.

Jonah leaves as his own video begins to play but Amy follows, trying to make up to him once again, recounting how she previously thought he was the most annoying person she'd ever met and hated how he always thought life could be better. But now? It is better, he was right and she screwed up, before she can finish saying she's prepared to wait for him though, they kiss and make up, literally.

The final sequence of the series is framed around Garrett (now officially Dina's boyfriend) delivering his final store closing announcement with choice bits like "It's a job, but occasionally there are moments that weren't so bad." This is accompanied by a montage of hilarious moments from the show, but goes on to reveal the future. We see Glenn and Mateo at the hardware store where Cheyenne has also joined them, Amy has landed another Executive job where a photo from her honeymoon in Greece with Jonah has somehow made it into her persentation, plus Jonah is running for local office. A barbecue takes place with everyone gathered together in Amy and Jonah's backyard as Garrett delivers the final line of the series, "Thank you for shopping with us, Cloud9 is now closed." The lights turn off in the store and the series ends.

Two more things that are seen though:

In one scene Bo and Cheyenne are trying to buy all washing machines to open a laundromat, perhaps for the previously rumored spin-off that's in the works.

And the identity of the foot obsessed serial killer is revealed as store employee Elias (Danny Gura) who is seen gentle placing yet another severed foot on the shelf of the store before it closes.