The Big Bang Theory Season Finale To Include Big, Life-Changing Decisions

Tomorrow night’s The Big Bang Theory season finale is going out with, well, a bang.At least, [...]


Tomorrow night's The Big Bang Theory season finale is going out with, well, a bang.

At least, that's what executive producer Steve Molaro is teasing fans. In a recent interview about Season 8's final shake-ups, Molaro hinted that all of the cast's romantic relationships will enter uncharted—and status-quo changing—territory. According to the EP, Sheldon and Amy, along with Leonard and Penny, will have to decide whether they should take their relationships to the next level or not. Elsewhere, Raj and Emily might hit a rough patch that compromises their relationship, while Wolowitz and Bernadette try to decide how much longer they should live with Stuart.

But when asked if any breakups were on the horizon, all Molaro could say was that "A lot of stuff goes down, and some big, life-changing decisions are made." But, as he explained to Entertainment Weekly, the finale "…seems to really shake some things up, and I think it's unexpected and really exciting."

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The Big Bang Theory's season finale, "The Commitment Determination," airs Thursday, May 7 at 8:00 p.m. on CBS.