The Maxx Comes to IDW From Sam Kieth

Sam Kieth's The Maxx is back, and it's found a home at IDW Publishing.Exploring the strange [...]


Sam Kieth's The Maxx is back, and it's found a home at IDW Publishing. Exploring the strange relationship between two realities, The Maxx follows the dual identities of a man caught between the real world and a heroic fantasy realm called The Outback. The Maxx ran for more than 30 issues and inspired a popular animated show on MTV. Twenty years later, the series is set to return with re-mastered and re-colored printings of the classic stories, supervised by Kieth to ensure the highest possible quality. The Maxx: Maxximized will also feature brand-new painted covers by Kieth. IDW will also release a series of the first-ever hardcover The Maxx collections, and Artist's Editions enabling readers to finally see Sam's beautiful and delicate line work as they never have before. "I want to thank my pal Ted Adams," said Sam Kieth, "for giving me and some of my books a home at IDW… I hope he doesn't lose his shirt!" "Sam, as usual, is self deprecating to a fault," said editor Scott Dunbier, "he's an amazing artist and a good friend, and I could not be happier to have him at IDW." Kieth will also create a set of three comprehensive new art books called The Worlds of Sam Kieth that will "showcase his incredible powers as an artist, but also tell the story of who he is and how he came to be the artist he is." The first volume is debuting at this year's San Diego Comic-Con International.