This Pokemon Go Trick Will Get You More Items Out of PokeStops


We're officially a month into Pokemon Go, but players are still discovering new tricks and secrets to the popular gaming app. Yesterday, a player discovered a new "hack" that guarantees more items, eggs and XP out of PokeStops. If players visit ten different PokeStops within a 30 minute stretch, they'll receive double XP, at least twice as many items as a usual PokeStop visit, AND an egg when they spin the tenth PokeStop.

"Cerebr05murF" posted the interesting discovery yesterday on The Silph Road, a Reddit community dedicated to researching Pokemon Go. Multiple players (myself included) were able to repeat the results with 100% success.

There are a few caveats when starting a new chain of PokeStops. Each PokeStop must be different, any repeats will break the chain and force you to start over. There's also a ten minute cooldown period before you can start a new chain, so you can't immediately start the chain over after hitting the tenth PokeStop. Also, if you want to get the Pokemon Egg, you'll obviously need eight or less eggs before hitting the tenth chain.

Players are still working out some of the PokeStop chain trick's nuances. For instance, it's unclear whether you need to visit all 10 PokeStops in a 30 minute stretch, or if you simply can't have any repeats during the 30 minute window.


Even with those limitations, the PokeStop chain trick represents the only guaranteed way to get a Pokemon egg from a PokeStop. This appears to be a really cool Pokemon Go Easter egg, one that encourages players to keep exploring instead of farming the same couple of PokeStops over and over.